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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

What other stuff do you carry in your stores?

We don't carry specific items, our inventory changes on a daily basis. Depending on the truckload that we receive, you will find health and beauty items, furniture, toys, automotive, tools, cleaning supplies, paper products, office supplies, and/or home d├ęcor. Check in the store often and follow our Facebook page so you don't miss any great deals. Our hardgoods are 35% off of regular retail.

Is it safe to eat expired food?

Food dating is not regulated by the FDA, with the exception of infant formula. Dates on food are simply the manufactures best guess on how long their product will stay at its freshest, or the date they want to pull items and put out new packaging. Most dates on food are best by dates and not expiration dates. At Simply Good we have a system for checking the quality of our food and always strive to only offer good quality food.

What are discount groceries?

Discount groceries are groceries that are being liquidated for various reasons. They are past their best buy date, the packaging has been changed or they have simply been over produced. We are able to purchase these groceries at a discount and then pass the savings on to you. Simply Good groceries are sold at 50% off the regular retail price.